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Project Description

Designed to display, search and retrieve information from a SharePoint 2010 database you can easily recover documents, including metadata, and export list items to Excel. 

Originally designed for disaster recovery purposes, all you need is the connection string information to the restored SharePoint content database.  The easy to use tree structure will allow you to navigate all sites, sub sites and lists or libraries within them.

SharePoint doesn't need to be installed to retrieve information since the application goes directly against the SQL Server content database.  Simply restore your content database to any SQL Server and then connect to browse the contents of that database.

Features supported:

  • Connect to any SharePoint 2010 content database.
  • View all SharePoint objects (lists, libraries, sites, subsites etc).
  • Specify search criteria based on metadata to narrow your result set.
  • View all metadata based on the search criteria that is defined.
  • View and download all versions of a document.
  • Download all metadata to Excel.

Screen Shots:

Main window - easy site/object navigation, search and viewing of object information.

Main Page

View all sub sites in the site hierarchy.

Subsite Heirarchy

Metadata Search - aware of metadata that has been configured for each object selected.  Multiple search conditions are supported.

Metadata Search

Metadata Search Operators - select the operator you want to by.  For Contains use wildcard (*) characters.

Metadata Search operators

Version History - select a row in the results grid to see the versions of that item.

Document Versions

Database Connection - specify the SQL Server and content database to connect to.

Database Connection

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